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We’ve all heard of the 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  National Policy Institute (Richard Spencer), New Century Foundation (Jared Taylor) and VDare Foundation (Peter and Lydia Brimelow) have all utilized non-profit status in order to take tax-deductible donations.

The only problem with this is: it’s bad OPSEC.

In order for your individual donation to be tax-deductible, the IRS has to know about it.  Otherwise, there’s no way for you to claim that donation on your tax-return.  And we all saw what happened to TEA Party members back in 2009-2012.

Additionally, this particular non-profit classification gets in the way even of tangential political activism.  After Spencer’s NPI lost their 501(c)3 privileges in 2017, there was speculation that the IRS could have raised questions about whether they had violated Federal guidelines which prohibit organization leadership from “mak[ing] partisan comments in official publications or at official functions” during election years.  “Hail Trump” might have been good example of this (though admittedly, that was after Trump had already won).

Luckily, NPI’s charitable status had already been retroactively revoked by that time.

However, the bushes have been getting thorny lately – and even a strictly Journalistic endeavor, such as VDare, runs the risk of putting its non-profit status into jeopardy simply by reporting on political candidates in a way that corresponds to their own Mission Statement.  That is, were VDare to endorse or condemn a particular political candidate based on that candidate’s respective adherence or opposition to VDare’s foundational values, this could be considered “election meddling” (or impermissible campaign intervention, as the IRS phrases it) and their board of directors could face legal as well as financial penalties for this activity.

This is to say nothing of going out there with banners to drop that could even remotely be considered an endorsement of one particular political candidate.  And in case you were wondering, this is why even Churches who file for tax-exempt status are prohibited from doing the same.


Bearing all of that in mind, Third Way Forward has found a way out.  Though their primary goal is not to establish a financial basis for any particular form of political advocacy, the organization they seek to develop can devote unlimited resources to lobbying for a particular stated cause – and that stated cause is the well-being of the white working class.

Not only that, but the IRS doesn’t have a right to demand that they seek government approval before operating.

But it gets better.

Third Way Forward seeks to establish a 501(c)4, which is colloquially known as a Social Welfare Organization.  Unlike 501(c)3, Social Welfare Organizations do not have to disclose their donor information to the IRS – and the organization itself is still tax-exempt.

This is our chance to put White+ thinking into action, through a legal framework that is defensible in court – and not subject to the whims of financial tech giants or corporate oligopolies.


Third Way Forward primarily seeks to provide an avenue through which to conduct business together.  Since “donations” are anonymous, you can pay for the services and products from others in the white+community so long as they go through this organization first – and there’s no reason for the IRS to think anything of it.  Afterall, supporting small business and independent creators is part and parcel of “promoting social welfare” within the white community – and so long as the organization itself isn’t operating for profit, there isn’t any reason for their tax-exempt status to be called into question.

To put it simply: 501(c)4 is how we legally advocate for the welfare of the white working-class.  It’s in the name – Social Welfare Organization.  And we are permitted to politically participate in many ways that old-hat 501(c)3 orgs cannot.

Furthermore, this is also the gateway to constructing a White+ framework in order to conduct our business.  Combined with Anonymous LLC’s and the Intentional Communities discussed on previous episodes of The Shekel-Free Zone, 501(c)4 offers that missing puzzle-piece which will be required to make White+Positive Communities unstoppable.

This is the financial framework that will make our Independent White+Network possible.

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