Editor at The White Sun

Born and raised in diverse Southern California, The White Shadow was introduced to the cult of equality at a very early age – and witnessed it all around him.

As an elementary school student, Shadow noticed that it was only other ethnic groups whose cultures were being celebrated during dedicated school events and school festivals – but never his own.  This was odd, considering how much the public education system stressed the importance of equality; and the more he tried to treat others thusly, the more he was shunned by non-white peers.

As he grew older and tribal affiliations became more ingrained through adolescent social dynamics, he noticed that as a white youth he was the only one not being welcomed with the “inclusivity” he was expected to extend to others.  He even tried taking a foreign language in highschool, for which he was the only white student, and was immediately treated with hostility – not “cultural understanding.”

It became clear by the age of 17 that “Diversity” and “Multi-Culturalism” were only designed to benefit non-whites, and moreover that their implications resulted in a form of social weaponry against white well-being.  While anybody could walk into a white neighborhood and expect to be treated with dignity, it was common knowledge that the brown or black neighborhoods which increasingly stratify Southern California did not extend the same welcome to “outsiders.”  It didn’t help that Shadow’s childhood neighborhood had been taken over by gang-affiliated blacks at an early age who came from all over L.A. to take advantage of California’s H.U.D. housing program (Housing and Urban Development), and who had left their own after the 1992 riots.

Shadow frequently quips that “once they got done burning down their own neighborhoods, they decided to come to ours.”  After all the crime, drugs and even drive-by shootings that they brought to his mid-sized bedroom community, conflagration might have been the better outcome.

This childhood experience taught Shadow one very important lesson: it wasn’t poverty that caused crime, but crime that caused poverty.  Otherwise, this free housing that was handed-over to the black criminals would have resulted in a SAFER neighborhood than the one that existed before.

At this point it was clear that something had to be done.  Through his early adulthood, Shadow made many attempts to reach-out to others who appeared to be active in the “White Nationalism 1.0” community.  However, much like today most of them were not very communal and seemed to have very little grasp of why they were even involved.  This frustrated Shadow for several years, and by his late twenties he had become temporarily inactive due to the lack of seriousness he observed throughout the community.

2016 brought him right back in.

A speech by Richard Spencer – the famous Washington D.C. NPI Conference address – reminded Shadow of why he had been involved in pro-white advocacy in the first place, and finally made it clear that he was not alone.

Since that time, it has been Shadow’s mission to build a White Identitarian infrastructure to rival the mainstream, and in order to make it possible for Nationalists to organize, interact and even trade outside the control of our ideological opponents.  WhitePositive.com has been the latest step in this process, and would not have been possible without the strenuous efforts of NeoAnglo and our White+Positive community.  Though we are doing this for all of you, it could not have been done without any of you.  So until we can have a formally sovereign territory, let us continue to build the connections that will ultimately become necessary to create it.

To all of our supporters, contributors and listeners, this endeavor is dedicated to you.  Hail Victory, and Hail the Resistance.

– W.S.