NeoAnglo has been active in the Nationalist community for only a short time – but his contributions are already significant. Co-founder of WhiteAmericanMedia and visionary behind, Neo is in it for the long game.

A resident of the United Kingdom, NeoAnglo had witnessed the deterioration of his country for long enough that he decided to step-up and do something about it. It was at this point that he contacted The White Resistance to see how he could get involved, and was put in-touch with TWR’s “General Coordinator” who immediately saw his potential and placed him in charge of Business Development for W.A.M.

Since that time, he has been working tirelessly to bring Nationalist content out of the hands of our enemies, and into the minds of the masses. To do this, a completely off the grid and privately hosted back-end infrastructure was required – and NeoAnglo put it together from scratch. His overriding goal is to make all of our enterprises completely censorship-proof, and to stop enemy interests from ever silencing or de-monetizing us again.

Your continued support helps him to complete that mission.