More About Us

WELCOME to the White Positive Network.  “White Positive” was originally conceived as a way to bypass the de-monetization schemes of the silicon valley establishment (or at the very least, replace them altogether) for our exclusive content contributors at – but we have a vision that exceeds far beyond this.

White Positive Network is setup to expand into a position where we can replace not only existing monetization structures, but eventually Patreon, Kickstarter, and even – fate willing – PayPal.

We know that any establishment which is not explicitly white+positive will eventually deteriorate into overt anti-whiteness, so we had to start this off on the “right” foot.  In keeping with the necessity of re-building all of our social, political, and financial intitutions, we obviously had to start somewhere.  That somewhere was White American Media.  “White Positive Network” is merely proof that the second step in our evolution is already well underway.

Here you will have the opportunity to participate in fund-raisers for exclusively Nationalist projects.  You will be able to support the creators you love without any of the proceeds going to enemy, Jewish owned platforms like YouTube who wish to shut us down.  Best of all you will be able to connect with these creators (and other members of the community) like never before, and those who join our “White+Positive+Partner” creator program will have the access to even more.

What White American Media has to offer is this: for once, the interests of those who create the media and those who host it are one in the same.  We are on the same team.  When was the last time the creative capacity of our supremely talented Nationalist creators could be harnessed in such a way as to build the self sufficiency that is required to move our community forward?

Enter the purpose of White Positive Network.
The type of media we are all trying to create can only exist when its creation, and necessarily those who create it, are supported in their ability to do so.

Here you will have the opportunity to do just that – and this means we answer to only you.

Here you will have the opportunity to escape the impossible  that mainstream platforms have you in.  A place inbetween the hostile censorship elite on one side, and the “woke” capital gatekeepers on the other.  It’s a wonder you could get anything done with that type of pressure on either side of your head!  
Not to mention the technocratic sword of Damacles hanging over it as well.

There has never been an infrastructure developed to support our Nationalist community in such a manner as this, and it has definitely been a shortcoming of our movement overall; especially considering who “owns” all our money.  But that is changing, and we have to revoke the enemy’s power over our financial system by boycotting their “means of destruction.”  It all starts here.

There are more details to come, and more features to be unveiled all the time – but for now, we are in the process of initiating our first fund-raising campaign.  It will revolve around eliminating the weakest link in any web-based platform at this time, and once we have accomplished this “takeover,” nothing will be able to stop us.

For now, have a look around at Creators you like (or have never heard of before), check out their content at WhiteAmericanMedia, and have a moment of cheer – the next evolution of the Nationalist uprising is finally here.

And you’re part of it.